Craft Beers: Devils Helles

Lager ABV: 4.2% – 12x 500ml
SPECIAL OFFER RRP €43.50 NOW €38.00*

THE LEGEND: Local legend tells of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil. Thor cast down lightning bolt after lightning bolt upon the Devil, who retaliated by tearing up the earth and hurling it back. The resulting basin filled up with water and became known as the Devil’s Punch Bowl.

TASTING NOTES: Our Helles style Lager is a pale, golden brew cold-fermented and conditioned for an exceptionally clean, crisp finish. The aroma is honeyed and malty, with a small hint of noble hops.

Craft Beers: Golden Spear

Blonde Ale ABV: 4.8% – 12x 500ml
SPECIAL OFFER RRP €41.50 NOW €36.00*

THE LEGEND: Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Ireland’s heroic warrior and hunter, often hunted on the shores of the lakes of Killarney and throughout the McGillycuddy Reeks. One day while climbing Torc mountain, he was attacked by a magical, ferocious boar. With a single blow, Fionn killed the lunging boar in mid-air with his fabled golden spear. Savour a pint of our delicious Golden Spear while toasting our legendary warrior!

TASTING NOTES: This blonde ale gets its complex malt character from several specialty malts and a touch of wheat, balanced with just the right amount of fruity hop flavour.

Craft Beers: Scarlet Pimpernel

IPA ABV: 6.0% – 12x 500ml
SPECIAL OFFER RRP €41.50 NOW €36.00*

THE LEGEND: Our scarlet coloured IPA was inspired by a true local legend of Killarney, Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, known as the “Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican.” While stationed at the Vatican during the World War II, and under threat of execution, Hugh saved over 6,500 people by hiding them in monasteries, farms, and other locations. After the war, he was awarded the US Medal of Freedom and Commander of the British Empire. We celebrate the altruism and courage of this great Killarney man.

TASTING NOTES: We have broken from tradition to create a deep red in colour, American style IPA. Light bodied and dry, our IPA effuses a citrusy, resinous hop flavour and aroma. Best served with a thick frothy head so pour with vigour

*Offers valid till 31/07/17
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