Looking to create that authentic taste?

Well look no further! The new range of spice blends from Leah’s Gourmet Foods have arrived! Create that great authentic taste and serve a dish that is full with great flavour and all MSG FREE!

The new range consists of:

  • Leah’s Savoury Spice Mix
  • Leah’s Aromatic Gravy Mix
  • Leah’s Authentic Chicken Breading
  • Leah’s Spicy Curry Sauce

Contact your Plassey Food rep or the Plassey Food office if you like to receive more information, prices and/or samples!

Secret Blend of Natural Ingredients

Our quality spice blends are created by Billy & Leah Sweeney. Leah, who grew up in the Philippines, has created a secret blend of the finest natural ingredients such as onions, chillies, garlic, ginger, herbs and oriental spices to create a mouth-watering taste sensation which is bursting with flavour.

The shelf life for all products is 12-months.

The seasonings are all manufactured in a nut free and BRC accredited facility. All recipes use high-quality natural ingredients from approved suppliers.

Product Details

Leah’s Savoury Spice Mix
  • MSG free
  • Gluten free
  • Available in 2.6kg tub
Leah’s Aromatic Gravy Mix
  • MSG free
  • Available in 5.0kg tub
Leah’s Authentic Chicken Breading
  • MSG free
  • Available in 10.0kg tub or 20.0kg bag
Leah’s Spicy Curry Sauce
  • MSG free
  • Gluten free
  • Available in 5.0kg tub

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