A tradition dating back to 1775
Carton Bros is the name of the company that produces Manor Farm chicken. It is one of the oldest family companies in the
country and dates back to 1775 when it was first born in the very heart of trading in the Dublin Markets. Originally in those
heady days over 200 years ago chickens would be brought from the farmyards all around the country to the Dublin Markets and Carton’s would sell them on.
Corn Fed Chicken
All Manor Farm Corn Fed Chickens come from local farmers in counties Cavan & Monaghan and are fully traceable back
to the farm they came from. We use only a select number of Farmers to grow our Corn Fed Chickens. They are bred on a
diet that contains more than 50% maize (corn) which gives the meat a unique golden appearance but more importantly it gives the chicken an exceptionally succulent roasted flavour. Other ingredients in their feed include wheat and soya. Corn Fedchickens are completely unrivaled in taste, texture and look.
Free Range Chicken
Manor Farm Free Range Chickens are slow grown which means they have long happy lives. All of our farmers are hand-picked and only grow for Manor Farm. They comply with all standards laid down by Manor Farm and ensure the chickens have fuller lives.
The Free Range Chickens have access to green pasture, food and water and clean bedding at all times to express natural
behaviours. This also results in the chickens developing a fuller flavour and texture, incomparable to other breeds.
Free range chickens must be fed no less than 70% natural cereal such as wheat. Other ingredients include soya and rape
Special offers
Plassey Food has various Manor Farm products on special offer during October – ask your sales representative or view all offers in the Menu Magazine, page 3 & 4.

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