Award winning smoked salmon and fish platters
from Burren Smokehouse

TBurren Smokehousehe only smoked salmon from Irish waters. The organically farmed salmon comes from the west coast of Ireland, while the wild salmon is being hand-caught by small outfits in the rivers of the south and south-west of Ireland. Burren Smokehouse also offers unique award winning marinades for our salmon and exciting mixed fish platter, a real treat!

  • Cold smoked organic salmon
  • Smoked mackerel
  • Smoked fish platters
Please note: all Burren Smokehouse products have a 2-day lead time.


How it all began

Birgitta is from Sweden, where she grew up in a family that would be hunting, fishing and foraging. She travelled to Ireland on a holiday where she met Peter Curtin, a native of Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare. After a few years of a l

Smokes salmon pancakes

ong-distance relationship, Birgitta moved to Lisdoonvarna and married Peter. Peter grew up in the Roadside Tavern which was also a bakery at the time where loaves and loaves of bread were baked every morning. The young couple had to figure out how to earn a living, and their love for real, honest food led to the set-up of the Burren Smokehouse, with Peter designing the kilns in a revolutionary way.

Click here to view the recipe of these delicious pancakes!

Award winning Burren Smokehouse Salmon

  • exclusive use Irish raw materials which are sustainably grown/caught
  • unique smoking process (kilns developed by Peter Curtin)
  • handcrafted smoking and production process
  • All products are kosher certified
  • Cold and hot smoked salmon. The hot smoked salmon has a unique flavour due to turf used in the smoking process.
  • Unique marinades
  • Mixed fish platters

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