Café Melhor offers great tasting, strong espresso from beans which are roasted in small batches in Cork City. Perfectly roasted full beans with a wonderful characteristic flavour and superb consistency for the perfect strong and smooth taste we all love! We are passionate about the flavour potential of coffee from around the world and seek out the unique, the unusual and the beautiful to share with you.

Coffee beans from around the world
Our green bean merchants provide us with  full traceability for specialty green coffees from around the world. We are passionate about quality, sustainability and social change in coffee-growing communities.

We offer 2 varieties:

Gold blend, a high quality SHB blend containing coffee from DR Congo, Colombia, Guatemala and India. This is our highest grade espresso blend. In it you’ll get notes of Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Summer Fruits and a Creamy Body.

Silver blend, a blend of Tanzanian Pea Berry and Eagle Mountain Carmelo from Brazil. Here you’ll find notes of Lemon, Caramel, and Roasted Nuts.

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