NEW! Smedes Batter Flour – also in Gluten Free!

The benefits:

  • Consistent quality – no more measuring all kind of ingredients yourself to make your batter
  • Easy-to-use – just add water & stir
    Crispy, golden crust –  staying crispy much longer!
  • Rapid closure of crust – reduced fat absorption gives a better tasting end product
  • Reduced oil usage – reduced fat absorption means you use less fat
  • Greater satisfaction – better tasting products = happier clients!
  • Excellent pick-up  – can be used on fish, chicken, burgers, sausages, nuggets, onion rings, seafood etc.!

Innovative, convenient & consistent
The innovative Smedes batter products offer you a completely unique style of frying. The easy-to-use golden crispy batter mix and superior batter flour are exclusively aimed at Food Professionals in the Foodservice market.

Read all about it and watch the video on our Smedes Fine Food supplier page!

smedes batter flour




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