Saving the world from B.L.A.N.D.* food, one chip at a time!
*Boring Lacklustre And Normally Dull

Superchips sauces ADD VALUE to your business with a range of great tasting sauces that will ENHANCE YOUR MENU, DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERS and INCREASE YOUR PROFITS. POWER-UP PROFITS with our Superchip range of sauces SUPERCHIP SAUCES are designed to give you ease of use, flexibility and, most of all, profitability.


  • Superchip Southern Fried Chicken Gravy 4.5kg – Code: 551122
    Was €33.00 NOW €24.00
  • Superchip Pepper Sauce 4.5kg – Code: 551124
    Was €32.50 NOW €25.50

JUST ONE 4.5kg tub of our super concentrate typically converts up to a TWELVE TIMES MARKUP AT POINT OF SALE. Incredibly this is equal to over €300 PROFIT for your company!

  • Superchip Curry 27lt – Code:551123
    Was €24.50 NOW €19.00
  • Superchip Southern Fried Chicken Breading 15kg – Code: 551125 Was
    €53.50 NOW €43.00

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