We are delighted to receive feedback from a happy client: Hugh O’Donnell in The Village Grill on our new Smedes Batter Flour:

“It was good to speak with you this morning. It is great to know that’s you are interested in how your product is performing for us.
Initially I was very cautious changing our batter, as it affects several different menu items. But I am also interested in trying new products if it means an enhanced experience for our customers….. and I was not disappointed with smedes batter flour.

I love this product, it’s flavour and taste, the crispyness, the colour. I would highly recommend it. We have tried many different batter flours and mix’s over the years and your product is by far the best. 

I hope this helps, and I will and have been recommending your product to friends in the trade”.

Kind regards,
Hugh O’Donnell
The Village Grill
Clerihan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

www.thevillagegrill.ie & Facebook

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