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Smiling Cook

Smiling Cook, ready-to-use fresh pasta, perfectly cooked “al dente”

The Smiling Cook offers a range of ready-to-use pasta and pasta sauces. The fresh pasta is already perfectly cooked “al dente” and immediately IQF deep frozen as a natural preservation method. Reheating only takes 30 seconds.

No preservatives and long shelf life

The pasta sauces cater for a broad variety of tastes. They’ve been conditioned in microwave resistant 1kg-pouches, do not contain any preservatives and have a long shelf life without cooling.

Great solutions for all foodservice businesses

The Smiling Cook offers great solutions for all foodservice businesses such as restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, caterers but also food industries, pasta and fast food outlets.

The key to success of the Smiling Cook product range is the combination of quality, consistency and ease-of-use with profitability and uncompromised food safety.


Different reheating methods

Fast heating
from freezer directly into hot water (95°C) for 30 or 75 sec.

Constant high product quality

  • Only use of 100 % natural ingredients
  • Always cooked perfectly “al dente“
  • Preservation of the nutritional values by directly freezing

Never sticks together

  • Lightly sprinkled with oil
  • Deep frozen individually or in nests (IQF)

Easy for portioning

  • Long cuts are deep-frozen in portions of 30g or 50g
  • Short pasta always individually (IQF) deep frozen
  • Weight of frozen pasta is nearly identical to the weight of cooked dry pasta

Suitable for use directly in cold dishes such as salads

Cooking Instructions

Below are several options for an optimal preparation of our perfect “al dente” pre-cooked and IQF frozen pasta:

Short pasta 30 sec in lightly salted hot (95°C) water 4 min in combi steamer straight into a wok dish straight into a sauce (warm over low heat)

Nests 75 sec in lightly salted hot (95°C) water 4 min in combi steamer straight into a wok dish straight into a sauce (warm over low heat)

Sauces 2 min (microwave 800W), followed by a little massage and an extra warm-up for 30 sec. 12 min (combi steamer at 100°C with steam) 30 min in hot water heat the required amount of sauce in a pan oven dishes: coat first with cold sauce

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