Serving a great CHEESE board
September 6, 2021
Plassey Food Cheese

TIP: for a great cheese board, choose Complementing Cheeses

  • Make sure your cheese board has a selection of cheeses which range from mild to strong. That will give the most variety in the tastes and textures (soft, semi-soft and hard), and will ensure that every guest finds something he or she likes.
  • For a selection of 3 cheeses; we like a mild cheese such as fresh or aged goat cheese, a semi-soft alpine cheese or a soft-ripened (or bloomy rind) cheese (like Brie, Camembert), and a blue cheese. Some cheese mongers recommend including 2 or 3 types of milk (goat, cow and sheep).
  • For a larger selection; we like to add 1 or 2 of the cheeses mentioned above, a hard cheese like a Swiss style cheese or cheddar, and a stronger tasting cheese option.
  • Make it visually attractive; Choose a cheese tray of contrasting colour, such as a black slate, and accompaniments with vivid and contrasting colours. Imagine the contrast of the black slate with the light colours of most cheeses and the warm colours of fruits, such as a nice pear, fresh raspberries, kiwis and dried apricots.
  • How much per person? For a party of 6 to 8, we recommend to select 3 cheeses, and a larger selection for larger groups. Estimate serving approx. 90 grams (3 oz) of cheese per person (30gr per cheese per person).
  • Accompaniments for your cheese board : Also keep the accompaniments simple: the choice of 2 fruits, 2 nuts and 2 preserves make for a nice mix.

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